Enrich your life

The Hyundai H1 opens a new world for you to experience. Suiting a wide range of applications, from business to leisure, many seat variations are available. The H 1 is one of the best Hyundai trucks in Kenya.

Hyundai Kenya - Hyundai H1 Hyundai Kenya - Hyundai H1


Modern, powerful and versatile

Projection headlamps deliver a sleek, purposeful impression, while a stylish radiator grille enhances the overall presence. Newly-designed wheels and side garnish complete the modern, progressive style of the Hyundai H1.


Change your worldview

Get to know the one of the Hyundai trucks in Kenya. The H1 is the correct answer when delivering people take priority over packages while it is primarily a practical, hard-working carrier. The layout means there is plenty of space for professional working equipment, sports gear or holiday luggage.


Robust and accurate safety

The Hyundai H 1 has been optimised for the protection of the driver and passengers. At Hyundai, we keep our guard up so you don’t have to.

Hyundai Kenia

Airbag system

For better crashworthiness, driver’s and passenger’s airbag is provided in the H 1. They help keep the driver and passenger safety in position and minimize any likelihood of debris penetration to create an effective safety zone.

Hyundai Kenia

Disc Brakes

Large and powerful disc brakes (16’’) are available on the rear wheels as well as those on the rear and front wheels. They provide a high level of stopping performance required when a wagon or van is fully laden.


Power, refinement and quality

The Hyundai H1 guarantees good performance, complemented by Hyundai’s rugged dependability end eco-friendliness of Hyundai trucks in Kenya.

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Auto Transmission

6-speed auto transmission with sports mode for 2.5-WGT diesel engine is available for the H 1. The automatic car gears have been developed to make every aspect of driving more secure and relaxed.

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Manoeuvres made easy

Tight spaces in city centres or on country backroads are no problem for the H 1 driver. Despite having a length of more than five metres, the vehicle’s turning circle is no more than 5.6 metres.