Your new business partner

Your daily operations made easier with Hyundai trucks in Kenya. The H100 truck is the ideal solution for small business operators in need of a versatile and reliable vehicle for everyday use.

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Appearances that count

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. The Hyundai H100 truck is aimed at small business operators in need of a versatile and reliable vehicle to facilitate their daily operations.

Steel Wheel and tire 15"

The H-100 will redefine your expectations of a light truck. It’s tough and versatile enough to match almost every challenge, no matter how large or small your undertaking. The Hyundai H-100 sets a whole new standard of refinement and practicality. With steel 15’’ wheels, roll in style on board of your truck.

Hyundai Kenia

Side step

Make it easier for you and your family to get inside your vehicle thanks to its side step. It also allows you to protect your Hyundai H100 from various forms of road debris.

Hyundai Kenia


An exceptionally efficient and functional comfort

It's no secret that a comfortable workplace improves efficiency, so it's no surprise that the H100 truck offers a new level of comfort. The extra seat and shoulder space for freedom of movement ensure that the H100 offers one of the most comfortable cabins in its class.


More safety equipment, because you deserve the superior safety

The H-100 has a strong body structure that ensures enhanced stability, better driving dynamics and complete safety for years to come. A host of other state-of-the-art safety features ensure that you drive with a complete peace of mind.

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Power window switch & auto door lock

Intuitively simple to operate, these are the switches for power windows and central locking. Fine design highlights even the smallest details.


The Hyundai H100 a quiet revolution in light trucks

Powerful enough to make light work of virtually any task or terrain, while surprisingly economical to operate. Compact enough to cope with limited spaces, but with a payload and crew capability usually confined to much larger vehicles.

Hyundai Kenia

Variability & flexibility

Short and long wheel bases with high and low platforms, allow the H100 truck to be perfectly configured to suit your business needs. Your Hyundai commercial vehicle dealer will be happy to advise and consult on all the possibilities.