About Hyundai


Hyundai has become a key reference in the automotive world thanks to very positive reviews from many independent rating agencies and the media. Everything is possible thanks to the exceptional passion driving the Hyundai Motor Company and its ongoing quest for excellency that has allowed us to overcome crisis and turn them into opportunities. The result lived up to our expectations: a constant increase in the brand’s reputation, quality and notoriety.

Since its creation, Hyundai has placed customer satisfaction at the heart of its priorities, which has enabled us to meet all the challenges that have come our way thanks to our unwavering passion for what we do. Today, Hyundai Motor Company has decided to go even further with innovative ideas. We encourage you to continue your support and interest in Hyundai Motor Company to help us rewrite the global automotive history and ultimately become the world’s leading automaker. Thus, we promise to continue providing the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

As part of its globalisation strategy, Hyundai brought its innovation in vehicles to Kenya, in order to help anyone who wishes to achieve automotive excellence throught the acquistion of a Hyundai car. Discover our products and get involved with Hyundai’s spirit of constant innovation.