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Mombasa Car Dealers – Hyundai Kenya

The best car dealer in Kenya is Caetano!
Where is Hyundai
in Kenya? Caetano is located at Crater Automobiles Centre, off Mombasa Road Nairobi, and has been designated by Hyundai as its representative and official distributor of the Korean brand in Kenya.

The entire Hyundai range, from passenger cars to SUVs, is now available in our showroom at the address mentioned above. Caetano is the only Hyundai car dealer in Kenya. You can book a test-drive for your favorite Hyundai car right now. The after-sales service is provided by an experienced team available for you. Learn all about the best-backed warranty in Kenya.

Remember and especially note that HYUNDAI is CAETANO and nowhere else. Caetano is the only Hyundai car dealer in Kenya. The businesses are the following :

  • New Car Sales: Sedans, SUVs, 4 × 4s, and Utilities
  • Sale of spare parts
  • Vehicle maintenance and repair

The contact details for Caetano, Hyundai’s dealer in Kenya, are:

  1. Sales: +254 (0) 110 094309  
  2. Aftersales: +254 (0) 110 094266


Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

8:30 am – 12:30 pm




Caetano is part of the Salvador Caetano Group, a Portuguese group operating internationally in the motor and automotive industry. Caetano is the only Hyundai car dealer in Kenya.

The Group started its activity in 1946 and was born from the will, vision, and courage of its founder – Salvador Fernandes Caetano – whose motto is: “Always present in the construction of the future”.

Salvador Caetano Group has as its first and main activity automotive distribution and retail, however other activities, such as bus construction, industrial equipment sales, auto after-sales services and IT development, are also expertise fields of this group. It has always had a pioneering philosophy in all its sectors.

At present times, Salvador Caetano Group has more than 100 companies located in Europe, Asia and Africa.