Car Services and Car Repair in Kenya

Hyundai’s Service Centre Near You

Our commitments to make your journey more peaceful.

The car services must accompany you at all times, throughout the life of your vehicle.

At HYUNDAI, you choose a vehicle designed according to strict quality standards and backed by car services. Indeed, at HYUNDAI, the quality of the car services and car repair is one of the top priorities. Our customer service requirements are particularly high.

  • Our workshops are the only ones to systematically guarantee the assembly of original Hyundai parts, strictly identical to those fitted in the factory on your vehicle.
  • Original part = quality / safety / longevity.
  • By maintaining your vehicle in the Hyundai network, you benefit from a 5-Year / 100,000 Km Mileage Warranty.
  • You preserve the resale value of your vehicle thanks to the maintenance carried out in the Hyundai network.You can reach Hyundai’s service centre near you or schedule your car services.

Enjoy the best-backed warranty in Kenya

Our warranty is Hyundai Kenya´s pledge to guarantee the quality of assembly and operation of your vehicle for a specific period or distance. The warranty service will be provided by any authorized Hyundai Distributor without charge for parts or labor.

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