Captivating, well-defined lines designed for a robust and assertive position on the road. This is Hyundai Tucson.

Why not be different? Go for high performance, elegance, and daring. Sporty and bold on the outside, sophisticated and technological on the inside. A distinct SUV that is ready for new challenges on all fronts: from its unique exterior beauty to advanced safety technologies and constant connectivity so that every moment you spend behind the wheel of the new Hyundai Tucson will be intensely enjoyable.

Hyundai Kenya - Tucson Hyundai Kenya - Tucson


Unbeatable posture. The confidence you need for a lifetime on the go.

The world is full of possibilities and behind the wheel of the new Hyundai Tucson you can make the most of them. With bold capability, it's a perfect combination of modern design with a spacious and commanding view of the road. Equipped with the latest, most innovative technology for life beyond.

Dark Coat Front grille

Strong and sporty, like the large front grille. Smart and sophisticated, like the elegant chrome details. Tucson’s design takes modern aesthetics to the next level. Its chiseled surfaces and dynamic lines put it at the cutting-edge of SUV design. Featuring a bigger and wider body, its muscular stance combines sharp angles and dynamic proportions with rich.

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Dynamic and sporty Alloy Rims

The new Hyundai Tucson is designed for a more rugged feel. Wherever you go, add a touch of sportiness. Meet any challenge with 17-inch alloy wheels and 18-inch wheels.

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LED Daytime running lights

The signature composition of the LED daytime running lights and vertically stacked headlights leaves an impressive and lasting impression.

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Freedom and comfort in command.

The sophisticated, modern interior conveys a sense of lightness and tranquility thanks to the wide range of firm-to-the-touch, high-quality materials, fabric- or leather-covered upholstery, and heated and ventilated seats, depending on the version. Stay flexible and enjoy comfort, making the most of the headrest and seat adjustments and the various connectivity options.


Advanced driving assistance technologies for relaxed and safer journeys

Challenges come when you least expect them, but the Hyundai Tucson has been enhanced with a variety of safety systems to help you overcome any difficulty, providing incredible stability and control. Behind the wheel of the new Tucson, driving is stable, intuitive, and predictable, wherever you go.

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Big on comfort and convenience

Delivering comfort, flexibility, and more storage space so you and your family can enjoy even more your trips and create new special memories. The new Tucson is an authentic compact SUV with a family-friendly interior ready to give you and your loved ones the best of both worlds.

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Rear view camera and parking sensors

The 8-inch touchscreen displays the image from the rear-view camera with dynamic guidelines so you can always stay aware of your surroundings and help you steer your Tucson into place.

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Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

The new Tucson comes equipped with an electronic stability control (ESC) system designed to stabilize the vehicle during cornering maneuvers. The ESC system applies the wheel brakes individually and acts on the engine to stabilize the vehicle.


Effective acceleration. More power. Full control.

Made to guarantee a powerful and reliable performance, the new Tucson is available with a variety of efficient powertrains. Featuring an advanced airbag system and parking aids, the all-new Tucson delivers even more energy and efficiency on the road.

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Two types of engines

In Hyundai Tucson, you have a choice of two types of engines, a robust 2.0 petrol AT executive engine and an efficient 2.0 diesel 4x4 AT premium engine. Press the accelerator pedal and your pulse rate quickens as TUCSON responds with a surge of smooth, quiet power made possible by Smartstream.