Positive energy.

Everything about the new Kona Electric shows the power of positive thinking. You get cutting-edge design, a pure electric powertrain that provides up to 400km of driving range plus a suite of advanced connectivity and safety features that will put you right at the vanguard of technology.

Hyundai Kenya - All-new KONA Electric Hyundai Kenya - All-new KONA Electric


Sleekly sculpted SUV style.

Sleeker and more refined, the new KONA Electric’s uniquely confident design has been given an even more streamlined, athletic look – while keeping its adventurous SUV flair. The redesign is characterized by smooth, aerodynamic shapes and sculpted lines that flow harmoniously into the body color treatment of the wheel arch claddings and the exclusive new 17” wheels.

Flowing aerodynamic design

The clean, flowing front end is like nothing else on the road. The unique closed grille sets the tone for sleek lines that provide optimal aerodynamics. The sporty silhouette is accentuated by the visual connection between the shoulder creases and the sharper, cleaner, more harmonious front end.

Hyundai Kenia

Stylish from every angle

At the front, the new KONA Electric’s unmistakable look is enhanced by distinctive new LED headlamps and slimmer DRLs up top, which provide a distinctive, piercing element to the lighting signature. At the rear, the sleek aerodynamic design theme can also be found in the new rear bumper and skid plate highlighted by slim LED rear lights with a dynamic new look.

Hyundai Kenia


Roomy, connected and versatile.

Roomy and versatile, KONA Electric doesn’t compromise on space – giving you the kind of interior roominess that you wouldn’t expect from an electric vehicle. So, sit back and relax, there’s plenty of space for five adults. But it’s also the attention to detail that makes it so special. Discover an exceptional level of comfort with high quality materials throughout for a sensuous and refined feel.


Be in control of every mile.

Because nothing’s more important than the safety of your loved ones, we gave the new Kona Electric an upgrade. With Hyundai SmartSense, our cutting-edge Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, it has been updated with the very latest safety and driving assist features for added peace of mind.

Hyundai Kenia

Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go

More safety and less stress. Maintains a set distance to the vehicle ahead, automatically reducing or increasing speed to a pre-set limit. In “stop & go” traffic, the set distance is maintained.

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Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS)

Electric cars are close to silent. While this helps reduces road noise, contributing to more pleasant, livable cities, it can also present a possible hazard to pedestrians, who tend to take the sound of silence as an all-clear to cross the road. That’s why the KONA Electric is equipped with a melodic driving sound, announcing its presence to pedestrians, cyclists and the blind.


Electric driving technology.

Electric driving technology. The carefully matched components of the electric powertrain have been engineered to provide excellent driving characteristics and a practical everyday driving range. The specially designed platform enables a space-saving integration of the battery packs without compromising roominess.

Hyundai Kenia

Smart regenerative braking

The Smart regenerative braking system utilizes the on-board radar sensor to automatically control the level of regenerative braking to react to the traffic ahead. Additionally, it also detects if the KONA Electric is driving up or downhill and adjusts accordingly.

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Standard charging

When connected to a home wallbox or public AC charging station, it takes 6 hours 50 minutes to charge the long-range 64 kWh battery pack from 10-100% SOC using the 10.5 kW three phase on board charger (OBC) or 9 hours 15 minutes using the 7.2 kW single phase OBC.

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Rapid charging

When using a 50 kW direct current (DC) charging station, KONA Electric’s lithium-ion polymer battery takes about 48 minutes to charge from 10% to 80% state of charge (SOC) for the 64 kWh battery.

Hyundai Kenia

3 reasons to get the new Hyundai KONA Electric

Each new day brings fresh adventures. With over 400km on a single charge, and effortless rapid charging, life has never been so full of possibilities;

Electrifying new looks. Stylish yet ergonomic, the new KONA Electric has been designed with one eye firmly on the future.

Technology that drives enjoyment. The new KONA is not only fun to drive but always includes a bountiful selection of desirable features to keep you connected.