More spacious. More elegant.

Every new detail in the new Santa Fe, both visible and hidden, is geared towards one goal: family. Rediscover your family’s happiness with upscale designs that brighten up daily routines, interior spaces big enough to accommodate all types of lifestyles and advanced technology that keeps everyone safe always. Stay focused on your family’s happiness. Santa Fe will do the rest.

Hyundai Kenya - Hyundai Santa Fe Hyundai Kenya - Hyundai Santa Fe


Making every day upscale.

Santa Fe’s perfectly-balanced stance will ensure an unrivalled presence on the road, helping you make every moment of your day brilliant.

Chrome grille

Santa Fe’s wide, distinctive chrome grille features an original 3D pattern that elegantly integrates the LED headlights.

Hyundai Kenia

LED rear lamps

The LED rear lamps are connected by a red strip, which reinforces the overall impression of width and this SUV’s luxurious look.

Hyundai Kenia

“T”-shaped headlamps

The “T” shaped LED daytime running lights instantly catch the eye, creating an original light signature.

Hyundai Kenia

19” alloy wheels

The unique 19” alloy wheels of the Santa Fe give a touch of elegance that ensures an unmatched presence on the road.

Hyundai Kenia


Making every day comfortable.

Santa Fe’s interior isn’t just bigger – it’s filled with more thoughtfulness for the entire family. The high centre console’s soft and plush leather surface offers the comfort of an armchair the moment you sit down, while the neatly-aligned buttons allow hassle-free control of various functions. The state-of-the-art digital cluster and LCD screen are visually attractive to watch as they provide you with meticulous care while you drive.


Smart technology used wisely.

Simply adding a lot of technology to a car won’t make it safer. Rather, Santa Fe is designed to smartly minimize the dangers in our everyday driving environment to ensure safety. So, the next time you feel at ease backing out of a tight space or parking in a tricky spot, just know that Santa Fe’s got your back.

Hyundai Kenia

Parking assist camera (RVM) and front/back parking distance warning (PDW)

This parking security feature shows what’s happening around the vehicle from different points of view to help you park easily wherever you want.

Hyundai Kenia

Blind Spot Collision Warning (BCW)

Blind Spot Collision Warning (BCW) uses radar sensors in the rear bumper to monitor and warn the driver that a vehicle is approaching in a blind spot.


Diverse power options controlled easily.

Santa Fe’s powerful driving performance boasts not only eye-catching numbers, but a wide range of options such as dynamic or comfortable driving, depending on the road conditions. Santa Fe also automatically recognizes the core driving tendencies of different family members, offering optimal driving modes for each driver.

Hyundai Kenia

Drive Mode

Simply turn the knob to select the mode that suits you best: COMFORT for everyday driving, ECO for optimal fuel efficiency, SPORT for quicker acceleration, or SMART which automatically adjusts gear shift intervals based on recent driving patterns.

Hyundai Kenia

Multi Terrain Control

When the going gets tough, Snow, Mud and Sand modes assure optimal tire traction over different types of rough terrain. A quick glance at the centre cluster or AVN will confirm terrain mode status.